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Streatham Green

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  • Tooting Bec (1.32 mi)
  • Balham (1.39 mi)
  • Tooting Broadway (1.59 mi)

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Streatham Green

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Streatham Green was once wasteland belonging to Tooting Bec Manor, and possibly once part of Tooting Bec Common. It was transferred to the MBW under the Metropolitan Commons Act, 1866, later passing to the LCC, and now the responsibility of Lambeth Council. Most of the former green has been built over and parts were taken for road widening in 1892 and 1904.

The fine Victorian drinking fountain was erected at the centre The Green in 1933. The Green used to be on a steeply sloping site as a result of mounding to cover WWII air raid shelters, but it was re-landscaped c.2003/4 with a simpler layout of grass and paths.


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