Abney Park Cemetery

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  • Dalston Kingsland (0.84 mi)
  • Dalston Junction (0.99 mi)
  • Canonbury (1.12 mi)

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Abney Park Cemetery

Wildlife Hotspot Community Space Walking Route

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Abney Park cemetery was designated as a local nature reserve in 1993 because of its value for people and wildlife. It is also a metropolitan site of importance for nature conservation, meaning that it is one of the most important nature sites in London. It is home to a fantastic collection of trees because it was originally laid out around 1840 as a labelled tree collection (arboretum). The tree collection and the more recently developed woodland areas provide habitat for wildlife including birds, insects and fungi.

Abney Park also has a historic chapel and heritage features. A number of notable people have been buried at the cemetery, including William and Catherine Booth (founders of the Salvation Army).

There is an abundance of wildlife in Abney Park Cemetery, with a wide range of birds and butterflies located there.



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