Albert Embankment and Albert Embankment Gardens

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  • Vauxhall (0.28 mi)
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  • Oval (0.73 mi)

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Albert Embankment and Albert Embankment Gardens

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The Albert Embankment forms part of the riverside opposite the Victoria Embankment, constructed in the 1860s to alleviate London’s sewage problems. The Albert Embankment promenade opened in 1868, a paved walkway with stone balustrade, benches giving views over the river and lamp standards, replicas of those on the opposite Embankment. There are three areas of public gardens south of Lambeth Bridge, to the north of which is a raised area of planting with grass and trees, including a Holm oak planted for the Millennium. A memorial for members of the Special Operations Executive has been erected here in the C21st.

Between Lambeth Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge are a series of linear public gardens, known as Albert Embankment Gardens. These comprise one garden between the river and Tintagel House, the largest garden area by Peninsular Heights, which has a number of mature trees, and a smaller garden by Queensborough House (Nos. 12-18 Albert Embankment).


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