Becondale Road Open Space

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  • Crystal Palace (0.60 mi)
  • Anerley (1.07 mi)
  • Penge West (1.08 mi)

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Becondale Road Open Space

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Becondale Road Open Space is a triangular wooded area surrounded by a cul-de-sac of Victorian houses built by Isaiah Hitchcock on land that was once part of Norwood Common. The small central garden was initially the responsibility of the lessee and later became that of Lambeth Borough Council.

In 1861 3 acres of land owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury that was part of Norwood Common on the west of Gipsy Hill was let to Goldsworthy Gurney. Knighted in 1863, Gurney was responsible for superintending the lighting and ventilation of the Houses of Parliament. Although his lease allowed him to build he did not develop the site, and in 1862 assigned the lease to local resident William Alexander Watson, who himself sub-let to Isaiah Hitchcock. In 1876 Hitchcock laid out a cul-de-sac with a very small central garden called Beacon Dale Road, renamed Becondale Road in 1903. The houses on the west, which were built in 1879-1884, have interesting decoration and balconies.



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