Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

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  • Moorgate (0.24 mi)
  • Old Street (0.30 mi)
  • Liverpool Street (0.35 mi)

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Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

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Bunhill Fields burial ground was a working cemetery from the late 17th Century to the middle of the 19th Century. It was a burial site for Nonconformists and contains many notable graves including William Blake, John Bunyan and Thomas Hardy.It  is located in the London Borough of Islington but in 1867 it became a public spaced managed by the City of London.  The 1.6 hectares of Bunhill Fields are an oasis of calm and greenery in a busy, congested locality just north of the City of London’s square mile.

The Burial ground’s historic significance has been recognized by its designation as a grade II listed building, as part of the Bunhill Fields Burial ground and Finsbury Square conservation areas.

Opening Hours

October to March:  Weekdays from 7.30am to 4.00pm, Weekends and Bank Holidays from 9.30am to 4.00pm

April to September:  Weekdays from 7.30am to 7pm, Weekends and Bank Holidays from 9.30am to 7pm

Enclosed areas: Some of the graves are behind railings. Most areas can be seen from the main paths, however if you wish to enter an enclosed area please visit the site between 1 – 3pm Monday – Friday when an attendant will be available to open the gates or call the City Gardens Office on 020 7374 4127 to arrange an appointment.

For a leaflet or further information on Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, please telephone the City Gardens office on 020 7374 4127 or download from the link below.



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  1. Richard

    I love this place. A piece of calm in the heart of the city and a bit of history too.

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