Cape Play and Youth Project and Adventure Playground

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  • Crouch Hill (0.26 mi)
  • Upper Holloway (0.81 mi)
  • Archway (0.82 mi)

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Cape Play and Youth Project and Adventure Playground

Woodland Children's Playground Adventure Playground Outdoor activities

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This free, open access adventure playground and youth project at  Crouch Hill  was renovated and reopened in Easter 2013. The adventure playground offers creative and exciting opportunities for children to explore nature and be adventurous with natural play in the outdoors, making full use of the parkland area which surrounds the building. Children have the opportunity to explore sand and water play as well as use ropes, climbing posts and nets set into trees indoors and outside with the support of qualified staff. They can take part in crafts, sports and games in a naturally stimulating setting. Ages 6-13 for play schemes and up to 19 for youth project.

Opening times (play scheme):

Term-time: Tuesday to Friday, 4-7pm. Holidays: 10am to 5.30pm.

Contact details:

Address:  85 Crouch Hill, Islington, London, N8 9EG

Phone: 0207 504 0510 or email: [email protected]




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