Cassland Road Gardens

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  • Homerton (0.26 mi)
  • Hackney Central (0.70 mi)
  • Hackney Wick (0.74 mi)

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Cassland Road Gardens

Dog Walking Community Space

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Cassland Road Gardens is a small and very attractive garden in E9. The garden dates from the 1850s and is protected under the London Squares Preservation Act of 1931.

Cassland Road Gardens date from the 1850s when Cassland Crescent was laid out on the northern side of Cassland Road by the Trustees of the Sir John Cass Estate. In 1858 the Cass Estate asked tenants of the Crescent to contribute towards enclosing the garden and sought tenders for iron railings. It is thought that the lawns, lime and London plane trees date from that time. Post WWII, the Governors of Sir John Cass’s Foundation leased the gardens to Hackney Borough Council, to be maintained as a public amenity.

The park holds a Green Flag Award. The awards are given to the best green spaces in the country and are awarded each year to make sure the quality of the green space remains high.


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