City of London Almshouses and Gresham Almshouses

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City of London Almshouses and Gresham Almshouses

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The City of London Almshouses comprise a series of building ranges, mainly two storeys high, that line three sides of the rectangular communal garden. On the east side past the lodge are two blocks: Rogers’ Almshouses, and then Gresham’s Almshouses, both relocated here in the 1880s and replacing ancient almshouses in the City. The layout of the communal garden appears little changed from its original layout, and has mature trees and grass, with railings to Ferndale Road.

During the 1960s the almshouses were modernised for the first time in the C20th and today only a handful of elderly residents are from the City; all the others have been nominated by Lambeth Council. The fourth side to the street is railed with the original railings set on a dwarf brick wall with a stone coping. The square garden appears to have changed little in layout and remains largely lawn with straight tarmac paths and lined with plane trees and horse chestnuts.

The row of horse chestnuts along the fence to Ferndale Road was probably planted in the 1940s and there is also a chestnut probably planted mid-1980s between the Lodge and Rogers Almshouses. In front of the Freeman’s Houses are flowerbeds set in the lawn mainly planted with roses and between the blocks are shrubs planted in earlier days, possibly by the residents themselves. Pots of plants are in front of entrances; the gardens at the backs of houses are private and have trees, shrubs and flowerbeds, with a path running beside the houses.



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