Cleary Gardens

Getting There

  • Mansion House (0.12 mi)
  • St. Paul's (0.21 mi)
  • Cannon Street (0.27 mi)

Cleary Gardens

Bird Watching

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​Summer at Clearly Gardens, settle down on benches under canopies of trees and vines or relax on the sunken lawn in the very peaceful Cleary Garden.  Set back from busy City road Queen Victoria Street, Cleary Garden is a hidden gem of green space that’s ideal for a break from sightseeing.

7 days a week throughout the year 8am – 7pm or dusk – whichever is earlier

Separated in to three tiers, including a sunny terrace and more shaded wooden arbours below, the garden provides a range of wildlife habitat.  The three tiers also reveal its history, including WWII bomb damage on the upper section, through medieval London by the stairway, and a section which covers the site of a Roman bathouse at the lower level.

The garden is designated a Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation. House Sparrows and blue tits nest in the buddleia which has colonised the walled off enclosure on the upper level, and greenfinches, robins, blackbirds and dunnocks are frequently spotted in the garden.  Keep an eye out for wisteria, grape-vines and roses on the pergola, the insect hotel at the bottom of the garden, and trailing bellflower, creeping buttercup and thyme-leaved speedwell on the Roman remains.


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