Clissold Park and Clissold House

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  • Manor House (0.75 mi)
  • Finsbury Park (0.83 mi)
  • Arsenal (0.85 mi)

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Clissold Park and Clissold House

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Clissold Park is one of Hackney’s best loved traditional parks. With a  rich history, this former country estate was first opened to the public in 1889. 

The park holds a Green Flag Award. The awards are given to the best green spaces in the country and are awarded each year to make sure the quality of the green space remains high.

Clissold House is a stunning Grade II* listed building in the middle of Clissold Park. Its beautiful architecture and excellent facilities make it a perfect venue for weddings, meetings and parties. Clissold House café is open to the public seven days a week.




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