Crescent Grove

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  • Clapham Common (0.12 mi)
  • Clapham High Street (0.46 mi)
  • Clapham North (0.51 mi)

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Crescent Grove

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Crescent Grove was a private estate laid out by Francis Child in 1824 on what was previously fields adjacent to Clapham Common. It is a good example of early C19th suburban development and provided housing of different types and sizes. Child built a large detached house with an extensive garden at the end of the estate for his own use. This was called Grove Lodge but was demolished in 1936.

The central garden is an open lozenge between the fine houses, but there is evidence that it was once railed above the low stone edging. Landscaping now consists of lawn with three flowerbeds, numerous trees and ornamental shrubs, and three benches, one installed in memory of Robert and Betty Bates, residents here from the late 1940s-2003, both committed to the conservation and improvement of Crescent Grove.

The gardens had been neglected and were in bad condition after WWII. Residents then took an interest and looked after them on an ad hoc basis. A gardening committee was formed in the 1970s and some replanting and tree surgery took place. At this time, following the removal of a row of elm trees along the so-called Long Garden, the strip of land that borders Crescent Lane, was replanted with trees and shrubs and underplanted with bulbs. Part of this area was gravelled to provide extra car parking space. In 2005/6 old shrubs were removed and the central flower beds were redesigned and replanted.


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