Dulwich Park

Getting There

  • Forest Hill (1.15 mi)
  • Honor Oak Park (1.43 mi)
  • Sydenham (1.63 mi)

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Dulwich Park

Cafe Dog Walking Children's Playground Grasslands Community Space Cycle Path Entertainment Venue

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Refurbished in 2006, the Green Flag Award winning park offers a large children’s playground, an excellent cafe and a popular cycle hire outlet. The Francis Peek centre has a varied programme of activities to suit everyone.

Created in 1890, Dulwich Park started it’s life as farmland and a group of meadows known as “five fields” and many of the ancient boundary oaks survive today.

Queen Mary was a regular visitor to the park, she loved to view the American Garden, famous for its rhododendrons which are spectacular when they are in bloom in May. One of the park gates is named after her.


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