Fortune Green Open Space and Hampstead Cemetery

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  • West Hampstead (0.61 mi)
  • Brondesbury (0.67 mi)
  • Finchley Road & Frognal (0.67 mi)

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Fortune Green Open Space and Hampstead Cemetery

Dog Walking Children's Playground

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Fortune Green is a much-valued large open space with a village green feel. It consists mostly of lawns and specimen trees and is adjacent to the Fortune Green Play Centre (managed by the Council’s Play Service) and the tranquil Hampstead Cemetery. There is a playground for young children. In the summer it plays host to the popular Jester Festival.

Hampstead Cemetery covers 26 acres and has a main drive and public footpath running through it from Fortune Green to Cricklewood. The cemetery has no new grave spaces available, but there is an area for cremated remains to the north of the cemetery. The Islington and Camden Cemetery Service manages the cemetery (see contacts section at the end of this guide). Hampstead Cemetery was opened in 1876. There are two Gothic-style chapels, which are listed buildings, and an entry lodge made of Kentish Rag and Bath stone. There has been some major work to these buildings under a scheme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as road improvements and new landscaping. Hampstead Cemetery today has an excellent collection of memorial art, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of the area’s previous inhabitants. The site is also important for nature conservation and biodiversity.


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