Gardens around St Paul’s Cathedral

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  • St. Paul's (0.05 mi)
  • Mansion House (0.21 mi)
  • Blackfriars (0.30 mi)

Gardens around St Paul’s Cathedral

Nature Reserve

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No trip to the City of London would be complete without a visit to the famous St Paul’s Cathedral. On a sunny day its scenic gardens provide an ideal spot to relax, but also surrounding St Paul’s are a number of other fantastic gardens with the Cathedral as a back drop.

Take in the imposing cathedral from a bench in the surrounding gardens, which have a pretty rose garden and a range of interesting plants and trees (including plane and walnut). Look out for the three monuments – a granite memorial inscribed with “Remember before God the people of London 1939-1945”, a statue of John Wesley and a large monument of St Paul. The gardens were formed in 1878 when the ancient burial grounds of St Paul’s, St Gregory by St Paul’s and St Faith the Virgin under St Paul’s were combined.

The garden is open everyday from 6am to 8pm in the summer and 6am to 4pm in the winter, unless a special event or service is taking place, in which case the garden may be closed. For details please contact 020 7246 8335.


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