Glyndon Adventure Play Centre

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  • Woolwich Arsenal (0.62 mi)
  • King George V (1.35 mi)
  • Gallions Reach (1.59 mi)

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Glyndon Adventure Play Centre

Children's Playground Adventure Playground Disabled access Outdoor activities

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Glyndon Adventure Play Centre is a staffed open access playground with both indoor and outdoor facilities for children aged 8 and over. The centre also has a modern computer suite. Activities include table football, arts and crafts and much more. Greenwich play centres are FREE and provide a fun, safe environment for children to play, under the supervision of qualified, experienced play leaders.

Opening times:

School term: Monday to Friday 3.30pm to 8.30pm

Saturday and school holidays: 11.30am to 7pm

Closed on Sunday and Bank Holidays

Contact details: 

Elmley Street, Plumstead, London, SE18 7NN

Phone 0208 317 0655 or contact via Better leisure website



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