Grafton Square

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  • Clapham Common (0.19 mi)
  • Clapham High Street (0.29 mi)
  • Clapham North (0.39 mi)

Grafton Square

Children's Playground

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Grafton Square was developed in 1851 by Captain Thomas Ross; there remain grand terraces on two sides of the garden square with smaller houses on the third side. The fourth side was never built and is now a relatively quiet street. Originally the central garden was railed and planted with shrubs but in 1927 it was let to a Mr A Botting for use as a local tennis club, which had exclusive access.

The garden came into public ownership in 1953 at that time within the LB Wandsworth, but it is now within LB Lambeth following borough boundary changes in 1965. It has subsequently been laid out with seats, a shelter and play area now having modern railings. The southern part has a large tarmaced area for a playground, otherwise the site is grassed with a path and a number of trees.


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