Hollow Ponds

Getting There

  • Snaresbrook (0.66 mi)
  • Leytonstone (0.80 mi)
  • Leyton Midland Road (0.92 mi)

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Hollow Ponds

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Hollow Ponds, also known as Leyton Flats is a part of Epping Forest that forms the northern border of Leytonstone with Snaresbrook.

Sitting at the top of the Lea Valley, it is one of the few places in London where you can stand and look up to the sky and, with the exception of one block of flats, no buildings are higher than the tree line.

Rowing boats are available for hire, teas, coffees, ice creams and snacks are available from the boathouse, Lakeside Diner and Log Cabin and the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel on Whipps Cross Road has commanding views over the forest.

(Source: www.leytonstonetoday.net/areas/hollow-ponds)


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