Kilburn Grange

Getting There

  • Brondesbury (0.20 mi)
  • West Hampstead (0.35 mi)
  • Kilburn High Road (0.53 mi)

Kilburn Grange

Dog Walking Children's Playground Tennis Court Community Space Multi-Sport Facilities Toilets/Public Facilities

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Kilburn Grange is a large park situated behind the busy Kilburn High Road. It was opened to the public in 1913, the land having previously been part of the Grange estate from which it takes its name. The park is divided into a series of areas. At one end are tennis courts and a play project. Next is the secluded rose garden; the main central area is a large open lawn which is used for fairs and other events in the summer. There is also a large hard surface multi-use games area in one corner and a dog exercise area. On the other side of the lawn, near to the new park attendants hut are children’s playgrounds where there is a unique children’s water play feature. The park is staffed permanently by both a gardener and an attendant.


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