Kyoto Garden

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  • Holland Park (0.37 mi)
  • Kensington (Olympia) (0.39 mi)
  • High Street Kensington (0.49 mi)

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Kyoto Garden

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The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park was designed and built by a Japanese Garden designer and his team to celebrate the Japan Festival in London in 1992. It was a co-operative project between the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce in Japan. The garden is in the ‘tour garden’ style, one of the traditional japanese garden styles. This simply means that visitors are encouraged by the paths and features to circulate around the garden.

The centre piece is a three step waterfall, said to symbolise steep mountains and deep gorges whilst the pond depicts a vast ocean: “in this way the entire garden represents, in condensed form, the grandeur of natural landscape”. The waterfall, cascading into the pond (filled with giant carp) is a dramatic centrepiece and is impressive, even on a dark day.


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