Loughborough Park

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  • Brixton (0.42 mi)
  • Denmark Hill (0.79 mi)
  • Stockwell (1.01 mi)

Loughborough Park

Dog Walking Children's Playground Multi-Sport Facilities

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Loughborough Park is built on land that was once part of the estate of Lambeth Wick owned by the Archbishops of Canterbury, which was developed for housing in the C19th. In 1927 a small triangular garden at the southern tip of Loughborough Park was given to Lambeth Borough Council by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners with a contribution to the cost of replanting it, but this later disappeared despite protection under the 1931 Squares Preservation Act.

In 1971-2 a new public garden was laid out on a large triangular site on allotments between the houses. It is enclosed with brick walls with some older trees preserved and has gravel walks around the perimeter, shrub beds, and playgrounds. A Japanese style garden was created at the north.


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