Middle Temple Gardens

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  • Temple (0.12 mi)
  • Blackfriars (0.35 mi)
  • Chancery Lane (0.47 mi)

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Middle Temple Gardens

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Middle Temple Garden, formerly called the Lower Garden, is terraced in the north. In the southern half of the lawn is a large circular flower bed with sundial of 1719 in the centre, originally further south when there were two circular beds.

On this lawn is a statue of a boy holding a book erected in 1930 in memory of Charles Lamb. The lawns are bounded by occasional trees – almond, flowering cherry, ailanthus – and rise northwards to terraced bedding displays below Middle Temple Hall.

There is a notable herb garden close to the south of Middle Temple Hall, and a small bed to the west of the Hall contains among other plants the Roses of York and Lancaster.

The Middle Temple Gardens are open to the public for a few hours every weekday.


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