Morry Levy Memorial Ground

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  • Manor House (0.86 mi)
  • Dalston Kingsland (1.05 mi)
  • Canonbury (1.12 mi)

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Morry Levy Memorial Ground

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Levy Memorial Ground is a small square off Church Street in Stoke Newington. The space is named after a former Hackney Councillor, Morry Levy. It is mostly paved, with a few benches and new raised beds for food growing.



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  1. Lyn Rennick

    Morry Elijah Levy was born on 4 August 1912 and died in 1971. He was married to Betty (nee Fox) and had two sons, Lionel and Nathan. His last two homes were in Hawksley Court Estate, Stoke Newington Church Street and then in Queen Elizabeth Walk, Stoke Newington.

    As well as being a local Councillor, Morry Levy worked tirelessly for charities, especially Jewish charities.

    His greatest pride was that he was entitled to wear the medal of the International Brigade, the volunteers of whom, from all over the world fought so heroically for the Spanish Republican Government in 1936, a medal he wouldn’t part with for all the money in the world.

    Morry Levy was my Uncle.

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