Normand Park

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  • West Kensington (0.36 mi)
  • Barons Court (0.45 mi)
  • West Brompton (0.50 mi)

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Normand Park

Dog Walking Table Tennis Children's Playground Community Space Multi-Sport Ball Court Multi-Sport Facilities Cycle Path Walking Route Art & Sculpture Skateboard & BMX Toilets/Public Facilities

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Normand Park has recently benefited from an extensive renovation to include features such as: a BMX biking area, new outdoor furniture and pathways, new artistic lighting and effects, new toilets and a large children’s play area including outside table tennis, climbing walls, ball games area, sandpit and balancing beams. The renovation has also encompassed innovative new features such as an underground water tank to collect train water to irrigate the park and a new CCTV system.
The park offers a scenic space with trees and planets from one of Europe’s top nurseries and space for walking, dog-walking and cycling.


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