Norwood Grove

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  • Crystal Palace (1.79 mi)
  • Anerley (2.13 mi)
  • Norwood Junction (2.25 mi)

Norwood Grove

Bowling Green Dog Walking Formal & Ornamental Gardens

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Norwood Grove was part of the Great Streatham Common, which was recorded in the Domesday Book as Lime Common, and stretched from Norbury to Tulse Hill.  In 1635 part of the common was enclosed by the Duke of Portland to form an estate around the shooting box which was presented to him by King Charles II.

At one time there was a stone sphinx at the side of the steps by the south east corner of the house but this has now disappeared.  Norwood Grove had a small nursery that was used by the parks department until nursery production was centralised in the 1960’s.  During the war the glass houses were used for the production of tomato plants and onions.  The stables were converted into a messroom and tool stores for the parks maintenance staff.

On the eastern side of the house is “The Orangery” which would have been used for displaying half-hardy plants and even orange trees, today it is a pleasant shelter surmounted by two glass domes.


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