Norwood Park

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  • Crystal Palace (1.02 mi)
  • Anerley (1.48 mi)
  • Penge West (1.50 mi)

Norwood Park

Dog Walking Children's Playground Multi-Sport Facilities

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Norwood Park is situated on one of the highest points in Lambeth and offers the visitor some amazing views across South London.

The park has a new wet play facility, dog-free children’s play area, a large multiuse games court, a small wildlife community garden and picnic and seating areas.

Norwood Park has an ‘open’ feel, balanced by avenues or copses of native and ornamental trees, as well as a wildlife area to the north of the site.

This high ground was once completely covered with trees as part of an enormous area of native woodland known as the ‘Great North Wood’, which covered over 1,400 acres of the old County of Surrey. The North Wood was originally common land in the Manors of Croydon and Lambeth and most of it belonged to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The North Wood was gradually lost to housing, fields and roads, and by the end of the 18th Century had almost disappeared. The Archbishop of Canterbury obtained an Act of Parliament in 1806 to enclose the remaining common land within the Manor of Lambeth and much of it was built upon. 33 acres remained as open space and London County Council acquired it in 1903 to create a new public park to serve the needs of a growing local population in West Norwood and Gipsy Hill. The new park was called Norwood Park and opened officially to the public in 1911. It was designed to retain many features of the old hilly common, along with avenues of trees, hedges, games court and playground.


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