Parkland Walk

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  • Crouch Hill (0.51 mi)
  • Archway (0.85 mi)
  • Highgate (0.86 mi)

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Parkland Walk

Wildlife Hotspot Dog Walking Community Space

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The Parkland Walk follows the course of the old railway that ran between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. The four and a half miles provides tranquillity and a chance for those living in London, to enjoy the green environment in the very heart of the city.

It is London’s longest Local Nature Reserve and supports a remarkable range of habitats and wildlife. Over two hundred species of wild flower have been recorded and it is probably the only place in Haringey where orchids rub shoulders with dandelions and ivy clambers up fig trees.

Hedgehogs, foxes, butterflies and a vast array of birds are spotted on a daily basis and a rare species of deer, the muntjac, is spotted from time to time.

The southern end of the Walk within Finsbury Park has recently been re-landscaped as part of the £5m Finsbury Park Heritage Lottery grant funded restoration and improvement project. This has created an accessible walk to Stroud Green Road and the new Cycle Park facility located at the entrance of Finsbury Park.



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