Quaker Burial Ground

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  • Manor House (0.88 mi)
  • Dalston Kingsland (1.02 mi)
  • Canonbury (1.10 mi)

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Quaker Burial Ground

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A strong Quaker community grew up in Stoke Newington from the late C17th. In 1827 it was decided to build the Friends Meeting House in Park Street, now called Yoakley Road, and it opened in 1828. The Quaker Burial Ground was established in 1827, was enlarged in 1849 and continued to be in use until 1957.

Most of the site was sold to the local Council in 1955 and the Meeting House was replaced by a smaller building, but closed as a Quaker Meeting House in 1966. The north part of the former burial ground was converted into a small public garden, the tombstones stacked against the boundary walls around a central lawn in which are planted five Irish yews.


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