Rush Common

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  • Brixton (0.92 mi)
  • Clapham Common (1.06 mi)
  • Clapham North (1.09 mi)

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Rush Common

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Rush Common, along with Max Roach Park, forms a green corridor through Brixton, to the east of the busy A23.

St Matthew’s Church Gardens and Tate Gardens both form part of the Rush Common lands, and along with Windrush Square, extend the area of open space northwards into central Brixton.

This former commonland was allocated under an 1810 Enclosure Award to landowners in Lambeth Manor, and was partly used to form new roads. Rush Common today is a series of landscaped areas with grass, paths and trees, with a Tree Trail marked out in the south. A number of old trees may predate the 1810 enclosure. There are areas of private gardens that form part of the linear landscape, including those for residents of Tudor Close and Raleigh Gardens.

Facilities include a dog-free children’s play area.


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