Sheperdess Walk

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  • Old Street (0.51 mi)
  • Angel (0.51 mi)
  • Hoxton (0.79 mi)

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Sheperdess Walk

Children's Playground Multi-Sport Facilities Art & Sculpture

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Shepherdess Walk is a small park in the residential Wenlock Basin area of Hoxton. It provides valuable open space and play facilities for local people and plenty of grassy space for a kick about.

The park has an interesting history and was originally just a path through a field from the City of London to Islington. In the mid 18th century a pub called The Shepherd and Shepherdess was built which offered frumenty, cakes and cream in its pleasure garden. Pleasure gardens were the pre cursors of public parks and offered outdoor public entertainment.

By 1821 The Shepherd and Shepherdess had been rebuilt and renamed The Eagle, which became famous due to its mention in the nursery rhyme Pop goes the weasel. To find out more see the article on page 23 of Hackney Today Issue 194.



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