Slade Gardens

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  • Stockwell (0.34 mi)
  • Brixton (0.60 mi)
  • Oval (0.72 mi)

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Slade Gardens

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The Slade Gardens are named after the Slade family who owned land in the area from the early C19th. The area was built over for housing by the 1870s. After WWII the LCC began purchasing land for public open space, and it was initially known as Ingleton Street Open Space, renamed The Slade Garden in 1958.

In recent years the garden has been re-landscaped with a circular paved area and ring of ornamental trees and low shrubs, but is otherwise largely an open grass space. Some new trees have been planted and there are a few larger trees in the surrounding private gardens overlooking the park. It has an adventure playground with a mural on the adjacent wall.


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