Spring Gardens and Vauxhall City Farm

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  • Vauxhall (0.18 mi)
  • Oval (0.54 mi)
  • Pimlico (0.57 mi)

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Spring Gardens and Vauxhall City Farm

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Spring Gardens is a post-war park created following WWII bomb damage on a site that has links to the old Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, which date back to 1661, although there is not an unbroken link to the former gardens.

Spring Gardens today provides important open space here but bears little resemblance to the former glories of the Pleasure Gardens, although for a time a tethered balloon run by Skytours offered rides with views of London. Vauxhall City Farm is part of the site, set up in 1977 as one of the Jubilee City Farms with funds from the Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee. The farm has a small garden at the southern end with a pond and herb garden.


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