St. Benet’s Church Garden

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  • Tufnell Park (0.21 mi)
  • Kentish Town (0.30 mi)
  • Gospel Oak (0.62 mi)

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St. Benet’s Church Garden

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A mission church of 1881 predated the church of St Benet and All Saints here, built on a small field by a pond donated by St John’s College Cambridge. A larger church was soon needed, which was consecrated in October 1885.

It had taken only 4 months to be built, a contributing factor to later structural problems, and had no chancel. The chancel with vestries and south chapel was built in 1908 and, having become a dangerous structure, the original nave pulled down in 1927 and the current church built. St Benet and All Saints Church has a small raised area of garden fronting Ospringe Road with a notice board stating this is church land open for the public.


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