St. Botolph Bishopsgate Churchyard

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St. Botolph Bishopsgate Churchyard

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St. Botolph’s is a living church set in the heart of the City of London, with regular choral concerts for music enthusiasts.

Other music throughout the month is provided by professional cantors and through an exciting relationship St. Botolph’s has with the Students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Although the church survived the Great Fire of London (1666) St. Botolph’s had by the early eighteenth century fallen into disrepair and the decision was made to build a new church. The old church was demolished in 1725, and the present church, the fourth on this site, was completed in 1729 to the designs of James Gould, under the supervision of George Dance. It is aisled and galleried in the classic style, and is unique among the City churches in having its tower at the East End, with the chancel underneath. The font, pulpit and organ all date from the eighteenth century.

For more information regarding the church’s history or opportunities to visit, contact:

+44 (0) 20 7588 3388


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