St. Brides, Fleet Street

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  • Blackfriars (0.17 mi)
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  • Chancery Lane (0.40 mi)

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St. Brides, Fleet Street

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Designed by Wren and completed in 1703, its 226 foot, wedding cake spire dominates the surrounding area. When sunlight shines in through the large windows the interior gains a special luminous quality as an oasis of peace and prayer amidst the busy City.

Wren’s church was bombed in the Second World War and rebuilt in 1957, making this the 8th church on this site. In the crypt a fascinating exhibition shows the results of the extensive excavations in 1953, the remains of previous churches, and a pictorial history of Fleet Street, which used to be the centre of the newspaper industry. Even though the presses have scattered across London the media still retain strong links with St Bride’s which is the spiritual home of journalists everywhere.

St Bride’s has held a lunchtime recital series for over 25 years. It’s a wonderfully relaxing way to take a break and change your focus. Admission is free and the recitals last for 30 minutes.

Recitals are on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:15pm throughout the year except for Lent, August and December.

For more information, telephone: (+44) 020 7427 0133




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