St Mark’s Churchyard

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  • Oval (0.03 mi)
  • Kennington (0.55 mi)
  • Vauxhall (0.60 mi)

St Mark’s Churchyard

Children's Playground

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The site was once part of Little Common of Kennington Manor also called Gallows Common or Gallows Green due to the executions that took place here. St Mark’s Church was one of the four ‘Waterloo’ churches built in the early 1820s under the auspices of the Church Commissioners.

By 1881 the churchyard was neglected but a bid by the MPGA to turn it into a public garden in 1885 failed. In 1950 the vicar conveyed it to Lambeth Borough Council to lay out as a public garden; the headstones were removed against walls and it was grassed over. There are a number of old plane trees within the garden, which has fine railings and piers on the boundaries.


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