St Pancras’ Gardens

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  • Charing Cross (0.02 mi)
  • Embankment (0.22 mi)
  • Leicester Square (0.28 mi)

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St Pancras’ Gardens

Children's Playground

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St Pancras’ Gardens surrounding St Pancras Old Church, one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in Europe, was opened in 1891. The gardens replaced the original churchyard and incorporated the burial ground of St Giles-in-the-Fields, Covent Garden, the original churchyard of which is also a public garden managed by the Council. There are many interesting features: the extravagant Burdett- Coutts memorial sundial which has recently been restored; nearby, “the English Bach”, Johann Christian, youngest son of J.S. Bach was buried in 1782; the famous memorial to Sir John Soane’s wife, the design of which inspired the classic “K2” red telephone box; behind the church is a tree which has grown over and among gravestones, which were propped up against it when the Gardens were laid out – stone and wood are now fused together. The site has recently been improved and restored this project was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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