St. Paul’s Churchyard

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  • Wandsworth Road (0.24 mi)
  • Clapham High Street (0.37 mi)
  • Clapham Common (0.38 mi)

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St. Paul’s Churchyard

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A small open space surrounding St. Paul’s Church, Clapham and also home to ‘Eden at St. Paul’s’, a popular community garden. St. Paul’s Churchyard is one of Lambeth’s nine Green Flag Award-winning sites, and has held this prestigious award for three consecutive years. Green Flag Award recognises the considerable achievements made by residents, church parish and council to provide the local community with a green space we can all be proud of.

St Paul’s Churchyard is a small open space surrounding the Church of St. Paul, which used to be the original parish church for Clapham until the building of Holy Trinity on Clapham Common in the late 17th Century. When the churchyard was closed to burials in 1854, its care passed through a number of organisations, until it came under the responsibility of Lambeth Council in 1965. The lower part of the churchyard was made into a children’s play area, and the upper section as a garden of rest.

A public footpath, Matrimony Place, passes straight down the middle of the churchyard between Rectory Grove and Wandsworth Road. This path was recently improved with new fencing, lighting and surfacing by a partnership of Lambeth Council and the Parish Council.



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