Streatham Memorial Gardens

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  • Tooting Bec (1.57 mi)
  • Tooting Broadway (1.71 mi)
  • Balham (1.71 mi)

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Streatham Memorial Gardens

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The site was part of the Duke of Bedford’s estate, and was occupied by ‘The Chimes’, which housed Belgian refugees during WWI, but which was destroyed by bombing in WWII. It was acquired by the local War Memorial Committee and Stockwell Memorial Gardens were laid out in 1922.

The garden now commemorates the dead of both world wars and is laid out on two levels with the memorial on the lowest level nearest the road, a bronze statue of a soldier sculpted by A.T. Loft in 1921. At the higher level are mature trees, rose beds, lawns and seats. Some land was lost due to A23 road widening and part of housing estate land was provided in compensation.


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