Tate Gardens Streatham

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  • Tooting Bec (1.98 mi)
  • Crystal Palace (1.99 mi)
  • Balham (2.01 mi)

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Tate Gardens Streatham

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Tate Gardens Streatham is a remnant of a villa garden laid out from 1835 that was improved in the 1880s for Sir Henry Tate. In the C20th it was occupied by St Michael’s Convent and in 2000 developed for private housing. Although some of the features are lost there are remnants of the C19th layout.

This includes a small summerhouse and the long terrace with low stucco wall, flights of steps and sphinxes that overlooks the main lawn, below which is the small lake. In the grounds are an octagonal gothic castle, Pulhamite rockwork resembling a gorge and other artificial stonework. The remains of the original kitchen garden and a 1930s orchard are also evident. Mature trees include Wellingtonia and holm oak.


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