The Rookery

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The Rookery


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The Rookery is an attractive, formally landscaped area with an ornamental pond, flower and herbaceous beds, and a rock garden with streams. It has a café and is surrounded by Streatham Common.

The Rookery is not just a formal garden: it also has areas of woodland that are important for biodiversity and environmental education.

The Rookery sits on the site of area formerly known as the Streatham Spa, where people would drink water from local springs for their medicinal and healing properties. The Streatham Spa and formal gardens used to be in the grounds of a large house called The Rookery. When the popularity of the spa declined, local residents campaigned to buy the Rookery and save it and the surrounding woodland for use as a public open space.

The Rookery became a public garden and opened formally on 23 July 1913. Because of its heritage and unique character, the garden is onEnglish Heritage‘s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.



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