Trinity Gardens

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  • Brixton (0.21 mi)
  • Clapham North (0.56 mi)
  • Clapham High Street (0.66 mi)

Trinity Gardens

Children's Playground

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Trinity Square was laid out in 1850 at the rear of Trinity Asylum, women’s almshouses built in 1822. The original C19th houses survive on three sides of the square, and by the early C20th an enclosure in the centre of the square was let to the licensee of the Trinity Arms as an allotment garden.

In 1931 a Mr Stenton Covington began to raise funds for its purchase on the condition that the local authority would maintain it as a public open space. As a result it was conveyed to Lambeth Borough Council following agreement to lay it out as a public garden dedicated to children’s recreation. In the early C20th the garden was re-landscaped with new seating, planting, gates.



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