Ufford Street Recreation Ground

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  • Southwark (0.19 mi)
  • Lambeth North (0.29 mi)
  • Waterloo (0.32 mi)

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Ufford Street Recreation Ground

Children's Playground

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The area was built over in the C19th by Samuel Short. By 1901 the houses needed rebuilding and the then owners, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, decided that part should be set aside as public open space. Lambeth Borough Council agreed and laid out the recreation ground, which was transferred to them by the Commissioners in 1907.

Half the area is laid out as an asphalted playground and half has grass with seats and several mature London plane trees. A path runs across the site and there is a diagonal fence with mahonia planted alongside it, but unsightly fencing surrounds part of the site. The park is within the Waterloo Development area.


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