Victoria Embankment Gardens

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  • Embankment (0.10 mi)
  • Charing Cross (0.24 mi)
  • Covent Garden (0.35 mi)

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Victoria Embankment Gardens

Cafe Entertainment Venue Art & Sculpture Formal & Ornamental Gardens

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The gardens were created in 1874 after Sir Joseph Bazalgette built the northern intercept sewer and the northern embankment of the river Thames.  Victoria Embankment Main Garden formerly Adelphi Gardens was the second of the four gardens to be created. The gardens as a whole are the home to numerous statues and monuments to the great and the good as well York House Watergate which marks where the River Thames originally ran prior to the building of the intercept sewer.

Victoria Embankment Gardens is known for its beautiful lawns, varied and vibrant flower beds, cafe and even live music in the bandstand during the summer.


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