Waterlow Park

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Waterlow Park

Nature Reserve Children's Playground Tennis Court Community Space

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Waterlow Park is the largest park run by Camden and was bequeathed to the public by Sir Sidney Waterlow in 1889 as a “garden for the gardenless”. Set on a hillside with panoramic views over London, the Park includes the historic Lauderdale House and its formal terraced gardens. Waterlow has ponds on three levels, tree lined walkways, mature shrub beds and herbaceous borders, ornamental bedding, expanses of lawn, six tennis courts and a small playground for younger children.

The Park is home to much wildlife, including foxes and bats. It also has an aviary which is used as an injured animal recovery centre. Many educational and entertaining events are organised by the Council. The Park is staffed permanently by two gardeners and an attendant.

The Council has undertaken a large improvement and restoration programme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. This has seen the creation of a Waterlow Park Centre, restoration of the terraced gardens and surrounding historic walls, and the creation of timber boardwalks and viewing platforms at two of the ponds.


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