West Hackney Churchyard and Recreation Ground

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  • Dalston Kingsland (0.77 mi)
  • Dalston Junction (0.90 mi)
  • Hackney Central (0.92 mi)

West Hackney Churchyard and Recreation Ground

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There are exciting and ambitious plans to redevelop West Hackney churchyard and recreation ground; the 2.5 acre site of the former West Hackney church and its graveyard.

West Hackney Recreation Ground was laid out as a public garden in 1885 on the site of the churchyard of West Hackney Church, after it closed for burials. The parish had been formed in 1825 when the large Hackney parish of St John was divided into three to serve the growing population.

The church was later replaced after damage in WWII. The oblong garden has a number of gravestones in situ with others placed along the rear wall of the site. It is largely laid to grass with paths around a central oval lawn containing island rose beds and trees at each end, and a number of seats.


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