West Ham Park

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  • Plaistow (0.53 mi)
  • Upton Park (0.60 mi)
  • Abbey Road (0.91 mi)

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West Ham Park

Cricket Pitch Dog Walking Children's Playground Herbaceous Planting Grasslands Tennis Court Multi-Sport Facilities Walking Route Formal & Ornamental Gardens Outdoor activities

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West Ham Park, the largest park in the London Borough of Newham at 77 acres, has been owned and run by the City of London Corporation since 1874 and is a registered charity. It is a multi ‘Green Flag’ and ‘Green Heritage’ winner and the park provides a pleasant and relaxing environment for its over one million visits every year. West Ham Park won London in Bloom ‘Park of the Year’ last year (2013) and has a community food garden, 12 tennis courts, two cricket pitches, a summer paddling pool, a playground,  guided nature walks, a wildlife garden and a seven acre ornamental garden.


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