Woolwich Common

Getting There

  • Woolwich Arsenal (1.31 mi)
  • King George V (1.97 mi)
  • London City Airport (2.01 mi)

Woolwich Common

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Woolwich Common is an area of military land located to the south of Woolwich town centre.

It is bounded to the south side by the A207 Shooter’s Hill Road, and to the east by Academy Road (part of the A205 South Circular road) that the former Royal Military Academy fronts. Situated to the west is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The attractive Rotunda building on Green Hill to the north used to hold many artillery pieces now displayed at Firepower. The octagonal building, designed by John Nash, began life as a display space in St. James’s Park during the peace celebrations there in 1814 and was re-erected in Woolwich between 1819 and 1822.


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