Wormwood Scrubs

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  • Kensal Green (0.67 mi)
  • White City (0.67 mi)
  • Latimer Road (0.76 mi)

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Wormwood Scrubs

Football Pitch Cricket Pitch Rugby Pitch Woodland Dog Walking Nature Reserve

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Known by locals as ‘Scrubs’, Wormwood Scrubs Park is the largest open space in the borough at 200 acres and has been open since 1879. The park is also a local nature reserve, protecting woodland, scrub and grassland habitats as well as various species of animals, birds and insects. Wormwood Scrubs offers ample room and facilities for outdoor sporting pursuits and sees numerous football, cricket and rugby players descend upon it’s space every weekend.
The park is a clear grass area except for a small woodland copse in the centre and a woodland outline around the park, and provides broad opportunity for walking, running, dog-walking and cycling.


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