Wyck Gardens

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  • Brixton (0.44 mi)
  • Denmark Hill (0.73 mi)
  • Stockwell (0.89 mi)

Wyck Gardens

Dog Walking Children's Playground

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The land was part of the Milkwood Estate owned by the Archbishops of Canterbury, the area originally a wood reserved for use by Archbishops which was cleared by the end of C17th and the ground leased, together with an associated area known as Wickwood. It was open land until the1860s when it was developed largely by leases issued to Daniel Grant who laid out Barrington Road and Millbrook Road.

By the 1950s rebuilding was needed and the LCC purchased part of this area from the Church Commissioners in 1953, part to be a new public open space. Around 1.62 hectares was laid to grass as an extension of the Loughborough Housing Estate in 1958. Part of Ridgway Road was bought in 1957 and the gardens were extended in 1961.


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